Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reuters does its typical job of writing an editorial and trying to pretend it's an actual news report: Bush to cast his first veto on stem-cell bill. Here, they write:
President George W. Bush will cast the first veto of his presidency on Wednesday to stop legislation championed by top scientists and desired by most Americans to expand embryonic stem cell research, the White House said.
Nowhere in the article do they support the statement that "top scientists" support the legislation. They don't quote a single scientist, by name or otherwise, or even refer to a single scientist as supportive, never mind how they might have decided who the "top scientists" were.

Additionally, the article makes to reference to any polls that indicate that "most Americans" support this legislation. I would doubt that "most Americans" even know what this legislation is about.

For example, how many of my readers know that federal funding for embryonic stem cell research was non-existent prior to the 2001 legislation signed by President Bush? Did you know that the law does not limit, nor did President Bush support limiting stem cell research, only embryonic stem cell research?

This article by Reuters repeats a common element; that is to use the broader term "stem cell research" when they are specifically addressing objections to "embryonic stem cell research." I wonder if it is deliberate.