Sunday, May 07, 2006

Researchers Chart Leap in Mac Vulnerabilities
The volume of security vulnerabilities discovered in Apple's Macintosh platform has increased significantly over the last several years, according to a new report released by McAfee's Avert Labs.

The security software maker contends that the number of flaws found in the Mac operating system has increased by 228 percent since 2003. While the researchers said the number of serious vulnerabilities isolated in the latest version of Apple's operating system software, Mac OS X, is dwarfed by the quantity of problems unearthed in Microsoft's rival Windows during the same period, McAfee maintains that as Apple's products have become more popular, a larger number of glitches are being identified.
Gee, I hope there's no conflict of interest in this report.

Oh, wait, there's more:
For its part, McAfee released the findings alongside the announcement of its new package of anti-virus applications for Apple's Intel-based Macs. The vendor's VirusScan for Mactel 8.0 release runs under Apple's Rosetta emulator and promises protection from both Macintosh- and Windows-oriented viruses, as well as Trojans and other threats.