Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just wondering, is there a basis for a lawsuit against the New York Times based on the newsrag's publication of classified data? Don't we, as citizens, have the right to see that our tax dollars are spent wisely? Isn't the money wasted trying to defend legal policies or trying to investigate leaks of classified information? If the NYT violated the Espionage Act by publishing classified data, didn't it waste our tax dollars?

What about the lies in the Washington Post about secret prisons in Europe? With no evidence that this was true, this newsrag published what it believed was classified information, costing the US taxpayers huge amounts of money.

And the damage to our countries reputation? Is this libel? Other countries will be more reluctant to deal with the US if their own secrets won't be protected.

What about our security? The individual security of each citizen. Let's say that a group of terrorists is plotting to blow up Oak Ridge. They avoid using cell phones because the NYT has illegally published classified data. They aren't caught and successfully blow up Oak Ridge. My wife is in Oak Ridge for a dog show and gets killed. Has the NYT committed second degree murder? Wasn't this willful disregard for the consequence of their actions? Do I have a civil suit for wrongful death?