Friday, February 10, 2006

Knoxville woman charged with TennCare fraud
An indictment accuses Hill of knowingly trying to use her TennCare benefits to pay for a fraudulent prescription for the painkiller Lortab, a brand version of hydrocodone.
Obviously, we all understand the problem of prescription fraud. My first thought about this article was a little different.

Does this woman ever think about the fact that she is stealing from poor people? By taking this money out of the TennCare budget, she is taking money that could be used to provide care for the indigent.

This isn't a matter of stealing from the tax collector. This money was destined for the indigent, having already been taken from the rich by the government.

What would she say if someone suggested to her that she steal $15 buck from a mission house to buy Lortab? Wait, don't answer that.