Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is scary. Especially as my hospital is about to introduce a new computer system.

When I was in the Navy, we used a system called CHCS. The system had the capacity for the physicians to enter orders on inpatients, but this wasn't used. Basically, so many docs refused to do it that it became impractical.

What we did use was the prescription entry function. This shifted the work of entering the prescription into the computer from a pharmacy tech to the physician.

It had several good points, though. The system would prompt you with the proper dosage and you couldn't write for something that wasn't available or in a preparation that wasn't available. You couldn't write for a drug that wasn't carried in your local pharmacy which meant you didn't get a phone call later. You couldn't order Amoxil 550mg for example.

You could put together drug sets and just type in the name of the set. You could create sets of meds based on weight. You type in a kid's weight and it offered you a list of pediatric meds with the correct dosages already calculated.

Putting together sets of inpatient orders could be useful. You would be prompted with orders based on EBM and the computer could help you with the intensity of service and severity of illness necessary to get paid, or get the hospital paid.