Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Despite all the medical data regarding the health risks of being fat, people continue to eat indiscriminently. And those are just the metabolic risks.

What about the simple mechanics of being huge.

Today I saw a claim for vertigo. The ENT doc wanted to do an MRI but the patient was too fat. Consider the risk of being so big you can't even be imaged.

Can't use a seatbelt.

Can't sit far enough away from the dashboard or steering wheel to avoid injury from the airbag.

Unable to have laparoscopic procedures because the instruments won't reach adequately. And the risk of an open procedure is increased due to the depth of the hole the surgeon has to work in. Limited exposure.

I remember a patient who was in the ICU when I was a medical student. She had pelvic surgery and the surgeon taped her panus up on her chest. Big problem for the anesthesiologist.

Yesterday I was in a patient's room when her husband came out of the bathroom. His belly was so big he couldn't tell that his pants were unzipped and Mr. Winky was looking at us. I pretended not to notice.

It's not funny, it's tragic.