Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wow, this guy's professionalism is impressive. As a physician employed by an insurance company, I am used to being thought of as an insurance whore, which, of course, I am not, but this is over the top. Read in a letter written by a physician in support of his patient's disability claim:
We have had extensive functional capacity evaluations clearly outlining this patient's physical ability. The Gestapo hired guns at [insurance company] have this information...It is astounding to me that a medical doctor hired as a hit man by the insurance company...

In summary, thse sons of bitches already have their mind made up. The hired guns and closers have made their edict...I suggested that the patient seek legal relief and sue their ass [sic] off.
Beyond the idiocy of this letter, the functional capacity evaluations, which were well done, clearly demonstrated light capacity. All the reviewing doctor at the insurance company did was agree with the findings in the FCE submitted by the claimant!

You have to wonder if he is familiar with Godwin's Law.