Monday, August 08, 2005

These are comments from office notes by treating physicians and Independent Medical Exams:
    “It is my best clinical guess at this time that …. has suffered some seizures”

    “the patient was unable to recite the alphabet in order (i.e., stating which letter comes before and after another)”

    “the patient made many erroneous errors”

    “these scores (memory) are remarkably low, and generally are not seen in other individuals who have not awoken from coma”

    “he saw his father periodically until he died in a fire when he was 13”

    “the patient was in a state of over-whelmedness”

    “the patient’s spouse is artistic, and has made most of the items decorating the home”

    “the patient cannot work anytime soon in the future”

    “CC: pain in tail”

    “on speeded verbal tasks, the patient held her breath and rushed through part of the test, giving rapid answers until she could no longer breathe. She then gasped and complained of dizziness”

    “I think that she is temporarily totally disabled, I think this will be on a permanent basis”

    “he related that he has difficulties in the bathroom cabinet” [no further explanation given]

    “has blond hair.. could be fixed more carefully”

    “Something happened in December, 2002.” [no explanation of what!]

    [after complete failure of TOMM], “results… must be taken with a grain of salt”

    “at the time of the stroke, he was “playing” with his wife on their bed” (italics in original)

    “[patient] stated that if he has blisters on his feet, he notes that the next couple of days he will have substantial problems in cognitive functioning”.

    “hemorrhoids over the weekend, causing seizures”

    “tends to be cryful”

    “she was traumatized when she moved from Pennsylvania during middle adolescence to Southeastern Wisconsin…. she finds people in Southeastern Wisconsin slow, hypocritical and often too fat”

    “[the claimant] and her ex-husband were friends who used to be lovers”

    diagnosis “Agorapanic disorder”

    “this report summarizes Ms. X…… scores on a brief, but fairly comprehensive screening of neuropsych functions”…. [okay, which one is it?]

    “there is no evidence of significant compression or anxiety” [thank goodness, that compression is devastating]

    “he was born on a marine based in Barstow”…. [I’d like to see that!]

    “patient was hit by a mild truck”

    “the onions expressed to do {sic} not constitute a recommendation that specific claims or administrative action be made or enforced”
Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction!