Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I have received e-mails asking how Precious is doing. Well, she is doing very well. She has overcome her initial shyness and has incorporated the rest of the house into her domain.

Recently, she had begun to hang out on top of a large wooden box in our foyer. She just seemed to like it there. There actually is a function for this box. This is where Kitty Kitty lives.

This is Kitty Kitty:

Of course, there is little in the picture for scale. Kitty Kitty is about 55 pounds and 16 feet long. Kitty Kitty eats one 10 pound rabbit per month.

Now, Precious is about 11 pounds and probably doesn't smell much like a rabbit, but certainly seemed to get someone's attention when she jumped on the 1/4 inch plywood top to Kitty Kitty's box, causing it to bow in.

By the way, my wife named the snake. She called it Kitty Kitty because she believes that's what the snake thinks, as in "Heeeere, Kitty Kitty!"

Here's what we saw:

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Fortunately for Precious, that hole is only big enough for Kitty Kitty's snout. Next thing we knew, Precious was batting at the snake's snout! What a brave cat!

More to come.