Saturday, August 27, 2005


You know, I really hate the use of scare quotes. Those are the quotation marks writers put around a phrase when they are questioning the real meaning of the words. In a comment on this post, Greg P did that with the phrase noble cause.

But, Greg, you missed the point. You see, the soldiers in Irag volunteered to be there for the very reasons outlined in this letter. As someone who was in the military, I feel very proud of the noble cause that service represented. You diminish and insult the very real nobility of that service with the scare quotes. You are suggesting that it isn't a noble cause. Maybe not for you, but it certainly is for those who volunteered.

So, Greg, the noble cause is very real and deserves to be honored, not insulted. If you don't believe service in the military is a noble cause, then don't. But don't belittle others' use of the phrase with scare quotes.