Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bredesen for President?

I try to follow Governor Bredesen and TennCare. Here is an interesting editorial from the Opinion Journal about President Bush, Medicare and Bredesen:
Mr. Bredesen is the other Tennessean, the one Mr. Bush didn't tap, and who is worth listening to on health-care issues. I met him in Washington recently. He was to deliver a powerful speech on Medicaid at the National Press Club the following morning and I wanted to know how the government might restrain a program that is sucking up more tax dollars every year. I was drinking tea and he was largely leaving his coffee untouched as he delved deep into his thinking about how to control costs. But this was no policy-wonk session, laboriously meandering through mundane details. What Mr. Bredesen was laying out was a broad governing philosophy of the sort we don't normally hear inside Washington.