Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From this column, Mike Adams writes:
In addition to being bad journalists with a bad sense of humor, the Seahawk writers don't know much about history. This is shown in the following quote: "The bigger question (is): How paranoid do you have to be to believe that a group of neo-Nazis is going to take over your Christian fraternity? Clearly, if the university allows any student to join AIO, it will soon be overrun by baby-eating street thugs who (sic) vote out the Christian leadership."
Well, if the proposed members don't support the goals of the organization, why do they want to be members? One might argue that they want to be enlightened, to learn, to attend meetings and to grow, but not to divert the course of the organization. OK, sure, have open meetings, educational seminars and make materials available. But we all know that the only reason the people who object to the requirement that members profess to Christianity want to join is to destroy the organization.

You have to allow an organization the freedom to require that voting members and candidates for office support the stated goals and missions of the organization.

What about the argument that student fees fund the organization? The university should not be allowed to discriminate on which organizations get student funding, thus allowing students who don't support organizations like AIO to form their own orgs.