Thursday, June 02, 2005

DTC ads misleading?

No! Say it isn't true!

But, actually, say what is true and stop lieing, says the FDA. FDA races to keep up with drug ads that go too far
The FDA not only requested that Amgen pull the ad, the usual enforcement action for ads it finds misleading, but it also told Amgen to take corrective action by disseminating "truthful" and "complete corrective messages" to the same TV audience.

Stop misleading the public. Tell the truth. The FDA is firing that double-barreled commandment more often when it spots misleading promotions for prescription drugs, a sign it is getting tougher on what the pharmaceutical industry does with the $9 billion a year it spends on marketing to consumers and doctors. (Related: Where drug advertisements often cross the lines)

The FDA sought corrective action in half of its 36 drug-promotion enforcement cases this year and last. It did so in 7% of 200 cases from 2000 through 2003, USA TODAY found in its review of FDA citations. Over six years, the FDA cited dozens of drugs, from No. 1 Lipitor to allergy blockbuster Claritin and painkillers Celebrex and Vioxx.
What's interesting here is that not only did the FDA say to stop the ads, but direct Amgen to "take corrective action." They will have to broadcast corrective messages to the TV audience.