Monday, May 02, 2005

Wha, that ain't nuthin but lizard spit!

Using lizard spit to control diabetes:
Byetta [exenatide] is the first among a new class of diabetes drugs called incretin mimetics — synthetic medications that mimic action of a hormone that spurs insulin production after a person eats and blood sugar levels rise above a certain threshold. Traditional diabetes drugs that promote insulin production do so even if glucose levels aren't high enough, which could cause a dangerous low blood-sugar condition called hypoglycemia.

Byetta, derived from the lizard's saliva, mimics that action of the human hormone GLP-1, which prompts the body to secrete insulin and is also thought to play a role in deciding when a person feels full.
Hey, if it makes you feel full and won't cause hypoglycemia, maybe it will be the next great diet pill!