Thursday, May 26, 2005

Senate fillibusters Bolton

The leaders of the Democrat fools in the Senate asked them to vote against cloture, but stated, "This is not a filibuster." Gee, what else is it? Isn't the vote for cloture a vote to stop debate, and continued debate is a filibuster, right? Maybe it's just plain extortion. Is that a better word? You give us what we demand or you don't get a vote!

The Senate is now in recess for the Memorial Day weekend and won't return until June 7, at which point Sen Frist has asked that they reconsider this vote and also that they vote on other nominations.

Interestingly, when the final votes were tallied, Mr. Frist voted against cloture. This was procedural. Only someone on the winning end of a cloture vote can ask for reconsideration. Sen Frist had voted for cloture but changed his vote when he saw it wasn't going to pass so he could move for reconsideration.

I would love it if Pres Bush made recess appointments tomorrow for his filibustered nominees and for Mr. Bolton. Then debate could continue on the actual "consent" while the jobs are filled and the work is being done.

The Dems claim that they only want to force the administration to submit info they have requested. They don't mention that the info they want is detailed intelligence info including the names of operatives. Can anyone say, "Valerie Plame?" The Senate is a sieve when it comes to sensitive info and you know the info won't stay private, but will be leaked.

Besides, this info is being requested by people who wouldn't vote to confirm Bolton if Jesus appeared and testified for him. If they got this info and it was exculpatory, they still wouldn't vote for him. They admit that there is nothing unusual about his request for redacted names, anyway.

In medicine, we are hesitant to order tests that won't change what we do with a patient. Why should the administration respect a request from a bunch of obstructionists who are going to oppose the administration every chance they get? The best the administration could hope for would be a big nothing, but would face Dems who would leak anything they though would embarass Mr. Bolton or Mr. Bush.