Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Here's your SWAT story, Nick

So we got a call out to serve a warrant on an escaped convicted murderer. Ho, hum, another day at work.

This guy just walked out of the courtroom as they were waiting for the judge to come in and sentence him.

Anyway, an informant had given a tip as to where he could be found. So we suited up, checked our equipment and loaded into our SWAT truck. (Hey, just like on TV!)

Our snipers in their Gilly suits went into the woods to scope (no pun intended) the situation. They spotted two guys hanging out behind the house near the cars. They couldn't tell if there was anyone in the house, or if one of the two guys was the one we were looking for.

While part of the team controlled the two out back, the others took the door and cleared the house. No one there. Unfortunately, neither of the two out back were our guy.

But it wasn't a total loss. Those two were smoking a little dooby and had other drugs as well. Handcuffs all around.

So we had them kneeling out front beside an unmarked car, with its blue lights on, as well as several other vehicles with blue lights on, when another car pulled up behind the only marked cruiser on scene.

A guy got out and walked up to see what all the excitement was about. Now remember, there are a dozen SWAT members standing around with M-16's as well as about another dozen officers, some in uniform.

Guess who it was.

Yep, the convicted murderer. "Excuse me, could you put your hands on the hood of that cruiser, please? Yes, the one with the flashing blue lights."

Good thing when criminals are so dumb.