Friday, May 20, 2005


KevinMD has a good round up of comments regarding the AMA's decision to make a pay site. He linked to this AMA response, which stated, in part:
That said, the cost of presenting AMNews online is borne almost entirely by AMA members and is offset only somewhat by ad revenue. The decision was made, therefore, that members should benefit from their support by retaining access to the site. In the same spirit of rewarding those who underwrite the publication, paid print subscribers will also be allowed online access.
Of course, this move will not decrease the costs of maintaining the site and will not benefit the paid members at all. Did they think that when they restrict access, hits will drop and so will ad revenue. So the members will continue to bear the cost, as they do now, and their share will go up as the ad revenue decreases. All this will do is remove access from those of us who don't pay, without benefiting anyone else.