Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I have insisted for years that the patient's relationship with their insurance is just that, the patient's relationship. I left private practice because I got tired of the insurance hassle. I was constricted in my ability to refer to specialists because the patients were always asking me, "Does this doctor take my insurance?" Well, gee, how the &*(^% was I supposed to know? I wasn't even sure if I took their insurance!

I got tired of choosing what drug to prescribe based on one of the fifty formulary books on the shelf. Instead of spending time teaching my patient, I was flipping through a book to see what "was covered."

One doctor has done what I would love to see become much more prevalent in the community. Here is his story.

Another clinic has developed a unique capitation plan to help indigent, uninsured patients in their community. It would be cool if this could catch on.