Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guilty by videotape

This is a great post from Pundit Guy. He discusses the limitation of videocameras in the delivery room.

Years ago, when I was still doing deliveries, I was an active sonographer. I didn't do the "Level 3" or complete fetal survey types of ultrasounds, but I could look for the sex of the baby, measure amniotic fluid, see the heartbeat, verify 4 chambers. The basics. I would print out pictures of the babies face, etc.

I never videotaped any of my ultrasounds. Only once was I asked and I said no. I was concerned that something would show up on the tape that I didn't notice. Not that I necessarily should have, as this wasn't my skill level. I never claimed to be able to do an anatomic survey, but I was concerned that was the standard to which I would be held.

Interestingly, there were sono techs out in town who moonlighted doing videotapes. They would have the woman sign a release, but we know what those are good for, don't we?

I wonder if those sono techs got sued. They weren't physicians and I don't know what their liability would have been.