Sunday, March 20, 2005


Please read this by The Cheerful Oncologist before reading this epilogue:
A young research assistant walked into the meeting with an odd shaped shield. He described his concern that the weapons used by the scientists were so indiscriminant and focused on characteristics of the enemy that were shared by so many of the townspeople.

He proposed that a weapon that focused on a trait of the enemy that was present on very few, if any, of the townspeople would do the trick. He described his theory and the use of his shield.

Persuaded by his youthful excitement and the novelty of his shield, the scientists agreed to attempt his technique.

When the volunteer in the town cried, "Positive Biopsy Spotted!" the young assistant and his crew sprung into action.

With a wagon full of the fancy new shields, the assistant set up a sales stall in the afflicted township. He had made the price of the new shields attractive to the invaders, but not attractive in the least to the townspeople. Soon, almost all of the invaders were carrying one of the new shields, only to find that they were unable to put them down. Permanently bonded, one might say. Only a rare townsperson was carrying one, and found that they could discard them whenever they wished.

After giving the assistant time to distribute the shields, the scientists instituted therapy the attack.

The shields began to heat up. They seemed to be absorbing the effect of the new weapon system without any effect on any of the other elements of the township.

However, as the shields continued to heat up, the invaders carrying them began to become uncomfortable. Eventually, the shields became so hot that the invaders began to be affected and were dying. As the invaders died and dropped their shields, the town's custodial staff simply swept them into the disposal system, breaking the shields down.

Very little damage occurred to the townspeople. Almost none of them were affected by the new weapon.

Interest in the assistant's ideas began to grow.