Monday, February 28, 2005

Walk more, eat less

From Kevin,MD:
Who says it is impossible to lose weight? By simply walking more (and eating a more healthy diet) 20,000 Iowans have lost over 65,000 pounds over the past three years.

The subjects are grouped in teams and record their steps by wearing a pedometer. The total distance walked by the group thus far: 4.8 million miles.

Many people think that in order to lose weight they must exercise vigorously. They then find it easy to make excuses for avoiding their activity (too expensive, too far to drive to the club, not enough time to change into the snazzy work-out duds, et cetera).

The importance of just increasing the number of steps walked in a day is cleared reflected in this simple program, entitled Lighten Up Iowa.

The take-home message - Walk more! Eat less! Don't try to do it alone - get a partner!

I just tell my patients to park at the far end of parking lot before going into Walmart!