Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TennCare Stuff

Hospital firms brace for TennCare cuts. I know that at my local hospital, while not a part of either of these chains, we expect a negative impact of $2.5 million for one year alone.

This article about bankruptcies seems similar to this, by RangelMD.

Whenever there is an article, like this, about TennCare, they always describe some poor soul that nobody could justify removing from the roles. However, I never see any articles listing all the healthy 20-somethings I see in the ER who are on TennCare. These are potentially insurable people who simply elect not to buy insurance and get on TennCare during an acute illness, usually requiring hospitalization, and then just stay on the roles. Then they ask for a prescription for Tylenol because they have no money. Then they spill their beeper and cigarettes out of their purse as they reach for that cell phone that's ringing.


I'm sorry, I misplaced a link, apparently. The two articles referenced above where that I said were similar indeed are, because I pasted in the same link for both. I don't know where the first is supposed to link. The article was about the onset of inability to work, commonly referred to as disability, caused bankruptcy. So, in addition to the medical costs referenced by Rangel, MD, there is also the loss of income.