Tuesday, February 08, 2005

See, here it is again. The straw-man. You know, where you accuse your opponent of something so you can argue against it. But, in reality, it is a false, unsupported accusation. The "something" you want to argue against was never done or said by your opponent. But, I guess, it makes for a good argument.

Take this post, by MedPundit. I agree with her position. The cuts in the VA system are not directed towards the poor, the indigent, the needy Iraq vets described in this article. Nobody intends for the quadriplegic from a helicopter crash in Somalia to go without health care. The cuts are directed towards the well-to-do who could have the means to get their care elsewhere. Why should your tax dollars, and mine, go to subsidize someone's Cadillac?

If the people running the system would manage properly, these cuts would not impair the care delivered to the truly needy.

Good call, Medpundit.