Friday, February 04, 2005

Medpundit has been blogging her experiences in switching to EMR. One of her concerns regarding prescriptions is that although EMR's will prevent errors due to bad handwriting, there will be errors due to typos.

In my recent experience helping set up a new clinic that was going to be EMR from the start, I researched several EMR software packages.

Sof the EMR packages I reviewed used picklists or pulldown menus for prescription choices. The best system I saw was based on the dx entered. After entering the dx, the software gave you a list (that you had previously designated or was based on various recommendation sources such as Sanford's (or both)) and you just clicked on the one you wanted. No typos. Of course, you have to make sure you clicked on the one you intended.

In addition, the software would calculate the dose for kiddies based on the weight entered by the screening nurse. No calculation errors!

I appreciated the time savings that just clicking on a choice offered over having to look something up in a drug reference, calculate the dose and write a prescription.