Monday, February 07, 2005

Medical News Roundup/News on Drugs:

Botox Gone Bad {or You Get What You Pay For}
Nothing is risk free. Vanity has its price.

Vaccine doses could be limited again next flu season.

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to head off price controls by offering discounts to low-income families.

Is anyone out there still writing for COX-2 agents?
Merck, Novartis drugs added to FDA risk list.
Kaiser Orders Ban on Arthritis Drug Bextra.

Thar's money in them there pills!
Barr Suing FDA Over Generic Allegra-D.

And in the medical equipment companies:
Shares hot after letter from FDA.

Lots of buzz about misleading pharmaceutical promotions:
Health, FDA Warns Glaxo on Hypertension Drug Marketing.