Friday, February 25, 2005

Marketing Drugs

As you can tell, I am a real believer in the free marketplace. But, is this really the best way to be spending our health care dollars:
Pharmaceutical companies spend more than $50 million, on average, for pre-launch marketing of drugs that are expected to become blockbusters (exceeding $1 billion in peak annual sales), according to a new report, "Pharmaceutical Product Commercialization: Pre-Clinical to Phase III Resource Allocation" ( ), published by pharmaceutical business intelligence leader Cutting Edge Information.
From Pre-Launch Pharmaceutical Marketing Budgets Exceed $50 Million

I really don't think this (US Poll Backs Bigger Gov't Role on Drug Prices) is the answer, however. More and more physicians are electing not to participate in MediCare because of the atrocious reimbursement. Do the people in this poll understand what will happen if price controls are instituted? Drug company investors will just find something else to do with their money and the health care industry and the general health of the US will suffer.