Thursday, January 20, 2005

MSM bias

Obviously, the MSM exhibits its bias by which stories it chooses to cover. It also shows the bias by whether it includes both sides of a story. A classic example is the Swift Boats Vets coverage. The MSM only interviewed people who would describe the SBV allegations as unsubstantiated. Remarkably, the MSM made to effort to substantiate any of it.

I used to listen to the ABC news top of the hour radio broadcast religiously. I was much attuned to the time and would switch to a station that carried the news when it was on. Then I became dissatisfied with the bias and am not so careful about hearing it.

However, this morning I heard something that might indicate a change in the way they do business. When discussing Condoleeza Rice's confirmation hearings, the broadcaster stated that the confirmation was not likely to happen today as "Democrats say they need more time for debate." What was surprising was this, "In other words, to criticize the administration's handling of the war in Iraq and to try to influence policy."

Wow. I think 6 months ago the report would not have included that last statement.